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Langwarrin Tennis Academy



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Our tennis racquet restringing service is the perfect solution for tennis enthusiasts who want to keep their equipment in top condition.

Our experienced technicians use only the highest quality strings and equipment to ensure your racquet is strung to perfection.

Polytec Viper Tennis Strings are a fantastic product, suitable for all players and racquets. 

Viper ranks as the flagship product of the advanced monofilaments. Players will immediately notice the high shock-absorbing qualities of this string, along with amazing touch, precise control, and maximum power.

Engineers have applied the newly developed SMD (Standardize Molecular Distribution) technology together with a corona coating to further enhance the quality of this string.

Each Molecule is reformed and realigned into a highly bonded, selectively cross-linked molecular structure.

The molecules are densely arranged and distributed throughout the entire string body which is specifically designed to outperform all other brands in elasticity, shear power, and durability.

The string's surface structure provides fantastic spin potential as well as preventing string slippage and the added comfort factor will sustain players through long matches. This is a great string for all advanced and professional players.

Our restringing process is efficient and reliable, with a quick turnaround time. so you can get back to playing as soon as possible. 

With our tennis racquet restringing service, you can be confident that your equipment will perform at its best every time you step onto the court. Don't let a worn-out or poorly strung racquet hold you back from your best game - trust our experts to get your racquet in top condition today!

Please Note: All Tennis Racquet Restringing Will Be Done ASAP But Please Allow Time For Completion. 



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